America’s Favorite Photos
Rekindling America’s Appreciation of Photography

About Us

Photos are magic.

They let us travel effortlessly through time and space.

They let us see through the eyes of others.

And we can all easily create and share them with one another.

Photography is thus perhaps the greatest of all the arts.

Yet, in this era when photos are everywhere, they are often not even really noticed, let alone appreciated, for how truly magical they can be.

America’s Favorite Photos is all about rekindling America’s appreciation of photography.

Our mission and entire purpose is to encourage, support, and promote photography as an art form we can all create, share, and celebrate together.

Join us on the journey!

About You

When you take enough photos, eventually, even by accident, one will turn out to be pretty great.

You probably have at least one of those.

Select your favorite and enter it in the America’s Favorite Photos competition.

The overall top favorite photos will be showcased and celebrated in a Featured Gallery.

And the overall winner wins $10,000 and the title of America’s Favorite Photo 2024!

About the Competition

The winner is selected by public voting.

Everyone can participate as a Voter, discover and vote for all of their new favorite photos, and help select America’s Favorite Photos.

And everyone is also invited to enter a photo.

What kind of photo?

It can be any photo (as long as it is your photo!)

Changes for the 2024 Competition

2023 was one big 45-day competition.

To help make things more fun and accessible, 2024 instead consists of 12 shorter monthly qualifying competitions which then all lead to an even shorter overall annual 2024 Competition at the end of the year.

Everyone is welcome to enter a photo (the same one or different ones) in one or more of these monthly qualifying competitions.

Each month of 2024 will have its own Featured Gallery of Finalists - and the Top Finalists from each month will automatically advance to the overall annual 2024 Competition held at the end of 2024 (after the December 2024 monthly competition).

The overall annual 2024 Competition will then be just two Rounds of Voting (a Semifinal Round and a Final Round).

The Finalists will be showcased and celebrated in the overall annual 2024 Featured Gallery - and the Top Photo will win the title of America's Favorite Photo of 2024 and the overall prize of $10,000.

Short version: in 2023 it took a total of 45 days of competing to win $10,000 - but in 2024, it will take significantly less total days.

Plus, there are now 12 different opportunities to be able to qualify for the overall annual 2024 Competition (and 12 monthly Featured Galleries as well).

June 2024 Competition

May 15 - June 12 Everyone is welcome to enter a photo for the June Competition

June 1 Entry approvals begin

June 7 Competition Pages and Vote Links for approved photos become available (via your account Dashboard)

June 11 Public voting begins. The first day of every Round is a Double Vote Day (all votes count double!)

June 11-14 Round One

June 15-18 Round Two

June 19-22 Quarterfinal Round

June 23-26 Semifinal Round

June 27-30 Final Round

(Dates are subject to change)

July 2024 Competition

June 13 Everyone is welcome to start entering photos for the July Competition

June 26 Entry approvals begin

July 3 Competition Pages and Vote Links for approved photos become available (via your account Dashboard)

July 6 Entry deadline

July 6 Entry approvals finish

July 7 Public voting begins

(Dates are subject to change)

How Voting Works

The overall goal of the competition is to give every entered photo an opportunity to be discovered and appreciated - and to make it easy for everyone to discover and appreciate those photos!

The winner is decided by public voting - and everyone is welcome to vote.

To start things off, photos are randomly assigned to Groups.

Voters can vote for free for their favorite photo in each and every Group each and every day.

A huge thank you to everyone who helps discover and select America’s Favorite Photos!

How the Competition Works

The June 2024 qualifying competition consists of 5 four-day Rounds of voting: Round One, Round Two, the Quarterfinal Round, the Semifinal Round, and the Final Round.

The first day of every Round is a Double Vote Day (all votes count as double!)

All Rounds start at 5am Eastern / 2am Pacific.

All Rounds end at 10pm Eastern / 7pm Pacific.

All photos are initially randomly assigned to Groups.

The number of photos that will advance to the next Round is shown at the top of each Group Page.

Each photo that advances to the next Round is then randomly assigned to a new Group of other photos that have also advanced to the next Round.

Since each advancing photo is competing against a different Group of advancing photos in each Round, vote totals are reset between Rounds to keep everything fair for all photos.

Also, while votes in a Round determine a photo's rank in its Group for that Round, it is only the rank in its Group that matters as to whether it advances to the next Round or not - so the rank of each photo in its Group is always shown - but vote totals themselves are never shown.

This helps improve the overall experience for both competitors and voters.

If a voter could see that a photo has significantly more or less votes than another photo, that might completely discourage them from voting (thinking that their vote wouldn't make any difference) - and voters should never be discouraged from voting for their favorite photos - as the whole point of all this is for them to do so!

Groups not only make it easier for voters (as they can wander through different Groups and vote for their favorite photo in each Group instead of having to only pick just their one overall favorite photo from among all the photos in the whole competition) - but it also makes things much easier for competitors (as they are effectively only competing with the other photos in their Group to be able to advance to the next Round).

Of course, each Round gets more competitive (as you are competing against other photos that have also advanced from the previous Round) - but you don't have to worry about beating everyone in the entire competition - rather just the other photos in your Group.

With that said, some Groups will be tougher than others, and if your photo does not advance to the next Round of voting, it could simply be that you were in a tough Group - and you are then welcome to try again the following month.

It is always 100% free to enter, compete, and win - and everyone is welcome to enter a photo each and every month.

Thank you for participating in America's Favorite Photos as a competitor and/or as a voter!