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Mattie Paints the House!

Mattie Mae is a rescue cat, known as an American Polydactyl or a Hemingway Cat due to her paws resembling baseball mitts. She is a curious cat who is always underfoot, wanting to be a part of everything and "help.” One summer I had my house painted. The painter walked away for 30 seconds. Meanwhile, Mattie Mae climbed the 8-foot ladder to get the caulk and “help.” The funny part is the painter said, “She’ll be on the ladder by the time I get back.“ True to form, she was; a true Kodak Moment.”

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Robbin Paige Sharp Profile

I am a retired educator who lives in Maryville, TN with three fur-babies, Tilly, Josie, and Mattie. I have always enjoyed taking pictures with my current iPhone. My photos are simple and unedited. I love catching beautiful, unexpected, interesting moments that have heart.