America’s Favorite Photos
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The Top Favorite Photos of 2023
81st Patty DawsonPeaceful Morning
82nd Kenneth De FrancescoThe night
83rd Laura SimonelliFreedom Tower
84th HOLLY FREESEJust a boy and his dog ❤️
85th Christine LindleyAlley Springs~Missouri
86th Bruce ShaddixThe last walk fades into memories
87th Gloria AguilarGod’s Country
88th Alina RunyonAlaskan Beauty
89th Craig BoliverTake Me With You
90th Lisa ScarbroughBurst of Beauty
91st Shelly PearsonRiver walk at night
92nd Mike LindbergSolitude
93rd Susan ParkerWhispering Sunset
94th Jorge SaudFoggy Golden Gate from Tiburon
95th Amanda ButlerRise of the Racoon
96th Edwin LIEW-FERGUSONFoundation of Liberty
97th Alan SanchezClimbing Stairway to Heaven
98th Shannon GraySerenity
99th Carlina LoweFall at the Falls
100th Maggie RussellOcean Sunset

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